Vacancy Announcement!

The following HR is required for a research project at NUST Coventry Internet of Things Lab (NCIL) at hashtag#NUST SEECS. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply until July 12, 2024. The candidates can send their CVs to

The details are as follows:

1.Position Title: Research Assistant (Machine Learning Expert)
No. of Positions: 1
Qualifications: BS/MS/MPhil in (either):
•Computer Science
•Software Engineering
•Electrical Engineering
Experience & Skills:
-Development of machine learning and deep learning models for detection, segmentation, classification, and recognition, etc.
-Optimization and deployment of machine learning and deep learning models
-Working with image processing algorithms to extract various features and spectral fingerprints from spectral/drone imagery
-Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills
-Proficiency in Python and machine learning frameworks
-Cloud/Edge Computing
-Develop and manage well-functioning databases and applications

2. Position title: MS Student (Machine Learning & Embedded Systems)
No.of positions: 2
Qualifications: Enrolled
NUST MS Student in relevant field:
•Electrical Engineering
•Artificial Intelligence
•Image Processing
•Data Science
Experiences & Skills:
-Specialization in the area related to the project scope
-Experience working in practical AI projects
-Willing to undertake thesis with project faculty
-Research and implement appropriate ML algorithms and tools
-Proficient in research dissemination-related tasks
-Proficiency in Python, C/C++ and machine learning frameworks
-Development of machine learning and deep learning models for detection, classification, recognition tracking, etc.
-Sound knowledge of engineering principles related to hardware& software design, prototyping, and evaluations

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