Classroom Spy Professional Software full setup free DownloadClassroom Spy Professional Software full setup free Download

Classroom Spy Pro monitoring and recording your students activities (clients) on a remote computers (server), it also allows teacher to preventing students for internet browsing, starting and stopping applications and processes, presenting your screen to students, sending message to specifict or all clients just from remote computers. It is an effective classroom management software to help you view and control your students’ activity on the computer during class.

Key features:
➲ Manage all student’s computer remotely
➲ Block Websites, Internet and applications
➲ Lock, restart, shutdown remote computers
➲ Total control over what students are doing
➲ Disable all administrator privileges/tasks
➲ Sending and receiving instant messages
➲ View desktops computers on the network
➲ Supports a wide range of applications

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