Cohen’s Pathways of the Pulp 11th Edition PDF Free DownloadCohen’s Pathways of the Pulp 11th Edition PDF Free Download

Table of Contents:

Intro: A View to the Future

1. Diagnosis

2. Radiographic Interpretation  NEW!

3. Case Assessment and Treatment Planning

4. Pain Control  NEW!

5. Tooth Morphology, Isolation, and Access Prep

6. Cleaning and Shaping of the Root Canal System

7. Obturation of the Root Canal System

8. Non-Surgical Re-Treatment

9. Periradicular Surgery

10. Regenerative Endodontics

11. Evaluation Outcomes  NEW!

12. Structure and Functions of the Dental-Pulp Complex

13. Pulpal Reactions to Caries and Dental Procedures

14. Endodontic Microbiology and Treatment of Infections

15. Pathobiology of Apical  Periodontitis

16. Root Resorption  NEW!

17. Diagnosis of the Non-Odontogenic Toothache

18. Management of Endodontic Emergencies

19. Management of Iatrogenic Events  NEW!

20. Dental Trauma 21. Cracks and Fractures

22. Restoration of the Endodontically Treated Tooth

23. Pediatric Endodontics 24. Endodontic and Periodontic Interrelationships

25. Effects of Age on Endodontics

26. Vital Pulp Therapy  NEW!

27. Bleaching Procedures  NEW!

28. Understanding and Managing the Anxious Patient (online)

29. Endodontic Records and Legal Responsibilities (online)

30. Endodontic Practice Management (online)

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