HRM626 VU Video Lectures YouTube Playlist Compress File DownloadHRM626 VU Video Lectures YouTube Playlist Compress File Download
Course Synopsis
This course deals with the staffing function of human resource management in detail. It provides a detailed description about the process of recruitment and selection. It intends to explain the contextual factors that affect the staffing process of an organization. This course helps students to evaluate themes impacting recruitment and selection practices. It elaborates multiple methods and techniques of recruitment and selection that lead an organization towards finding a perfect fit for a job. Finally it helps students to make rational decisions pertaining to hiring a right person at a right place.
Course Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, students will be able to:

Comprehend the rationale of strategic recruitment for organization
Recognize the techniques for the use of pre-employment testing
Understand the use of employment agencies as a recruitment methods
Apply different steps of selection process in real life scenario
Evaluate the appropriate techniques of selection i.e. test or interview
Understand the need for validation of employee selection procedures
Plan, write and ask basic questions in test and interview
Appreciate the factors that may contribute in successful selection interviewing
Understand the objectives of orienting new employees

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