CS406 VU Video Lectures YouTube Playlist Compress File DownloadCS406 VU Video Lectures YouTube Playlist Compress File Download

1.1 What is internet?

1.2 WWW

1.3 Web Fundamentals

1.4 Web Programming Technologies

1.5 Websites Categories

1.6 Database and Database Management System

1.7 Importance of Databases on the Web

1.8 Database-driven Website and its Architecture

1.9 How to Integrate Databases and the Web

2.1 Tables in HTML

2.2 Forms in HTML

3.1 Introduction to PHP

3.2 Setting Up Web Server

3.3 Configuration Steps

4.1 PHP Syntax

4.2 PHP Data Types

4.3 PHP Variables

4.4 PHP Variables Scope

5.1 PHP Functions

5.2 PHP Conditional Statements

5.3 PHP Loops

5.4 PHP Arrays

6.0 How to embed PHP in HTML

7.1 Object Oriented Concepts in PHP

7.2 How to create Class and Objects in PHP

7.3 Working with Objects

7.4 Built-in Functions and SPL Introduction

8.1 Sessions in PHP

8.2 Cookies in PHP

8.3 Exception Handling in PHP

9.1 mySQL Installation

9.2 mySQL Overview

10.1 mySQL Connection & DB Creation

10.2 mySQL Datatypes & Tables

11.0 Selection and Manipulation of Data in MySQL

12.1 Database Design

12.2 Database Design Contd.

12.3 Database Design Contd.

13.1 mySQL Query Optimization

13.2 mySQL Tables Joins

13.3 mySQL Views

14.1 Connecting to Database using PHP

14.2 Authentication with PHP and MySQL

14.3 Creating Web forms and pages that properly use HTTP
GET and POST protocol as appropriate

15.1 Web Security

15.2 Attacker’s Goals and Some Kind of Attacks

16.1 Niche Research and Keyword Research

16.2 Search Engine Optimization and Content Writing

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