Facebook Ads complete course in Urdu & Hindi YouTube Playlist in Compress file downloadFacebook Ads complete course in Urdu & Hindi YouTube Playlist in Compress file download

Course Contents

  1. About Different Audiences in Facebook Ads  Latest Facebook Ads Course #17(0)
  2. Ad Delivery Options in Facebook Ads  Ad Delivery & Optimization  Latest FB Ads Course #21(0)
  3. Ad Scheduling in Facebook Ads Latest Facebook Ads Course  Part#16  UmarTazkeer(0)
  4. Adset Tutorials in FB Ads  How to Create Adsets  Latest Facebook Ads Tutorial  #10(0)
  5. Appointment Request Feature to Increase Quality of Facebook Leads  Lead Generation  #13(0)
  6. Asset Customization in Facebook Ads  Latest Facebook Ads Course  #19(0)
  7. Audiences after iOS 14+ Update  Which FB audiences to Create  FB ads Course  #83(0)
  8. Automated Rules in Facebook Ads [Full Tutorial]  Facebook Ads Course #73(0)
  9. Basic Terminologies in Facebook Ads  Latest Facebook Ads Course  #14(0)
  10. Bidding Strategies in Facebook Ads  Latest Facebook Ads Course  Part#15  UmarTazkeer(0)
  11. Buyers Persona in Facebook Ads  Select Perfect Audience  Latest FB Ads Course #13(0)
  12. Carpet Bombing Strategy in Facebook Ads  FB Ads Course  #86(0)
  13. Change History Feature in Facebook ads  Facebook Ads Course  #59(0)
  14. Concept of Facebook Ads Auction  Latest Facebook Ads Course #8(0)
  15. Concept of Product Set in Facebook Catalogues  Facebook Ads Course #69(0)
  16. Concept Related to Landing Pages  Latest Facebook Ads Course  #12(0)
  17. Connection Based Targeting in Facebook Ads  Facebook Ads Course  #31(0)
  18. Copy Campaigns from one Account to Another  Transfer Ads from 1 Ad Account to Another  # 87(0)
  19. Create Instagram Story Poll Ads  Instagram Story Poll Ads Full Tutorial  FB Ads Course  #93(0)
  20. Creating Custom Audience on the basis of Videos  Facebook Custom Audiences  FB Ads Course  #44(0)
  21. Creating eCommerce Events in Facebook Ads using Plugin  Facebook ads Course  #63(0)
  22. Custom Audiences on the basis of time spend on website  Facebook Ads Course  #47(0)
  23. Custom Audiences on the basis of website visitors  Facebook Ads Course #48(0)
  24. Detailed Targeting Expansion  How to Use detailed Targeting Expansion  Latest FB Ads Course #26(0)
  25. Difference Between Brand Awareness & Reach  FB Campaign Objective  Latest Facebook Ads Course #6(0)
  26. Difference between Events & Custom Conversion  Facebook Ads Course  #41(0)
  27. Different types of Custom Audience in Facebook Ads  Facebook Ads Course #43(0)
  28. Facebook Ad Creative Formats  FB Ad Formats & Dimensions  Latest Facebook Ads Course #23(0)
  29. Facebook Ads Account & Business Manager  Latest Facebook Ads Course  #2(0)
  30. Facebook Ads Account Hierarchy  Facebook Ads Structure  Latest Facebook Ads Course #9(0)
  31. Facebook Ads Campaigns Checklist [Must Watch]  Checklist Before Starting Facebook Ads  #53(0)
  32. Facebook Ads Domination Strategy for high Budgets  Facebook Ads Course  #62(0)
  33. Facebook Ads Policies  Avoid Facebook Ads Disapproval  Get FB Chat Support  #11(0)
  34. Facebook Blueprint Certification  How to apply for FB Blueprint Certifications  FB Ads Course #92(0)
  35. Facebook Ecommerce Events Setup using GTM (Full Tutorial)  Facebook Ads Course #64(0)
  36. Facebook Event create Event using Event Setup Tool  FB Ads Course  #40(0)
  37. Facebook Pixel Website connect  Facebook Ads Course। #39(0)
  38. Facebook Pixel What is Facebook Pixel & How it works  Full Concept  FB Ads Course #38(0)
  39. Find Hidden Facebook Audiences for Free – Without Tool  FB Ads Course  #33(0)
  40. How Facebook Charges  How we pay on Facebook  Latest Facebook Ads Course #22(0)
  41. How I Generated 1000+ Quality Leads on Facebook  Quality Leads Generation in Facebook(0)
  42. How to add payments into Facebook Ads Account  About GST  Latest Facebook Ads Course  #4(0)
  43. How to check where Ads Showed in Facebook Placement  FB Ads Course  #90(0)
  44. How to Create and Upload Product Feeds in Facebook Catalogue  Facebook Ads Course  #68(0)
  45. How to Create Call-Only Ads in Facebook  Get Quality Leads  Facebook Ads Course #55(0)
  46. How to create custom audiences basis of Events in Facebook Page  Facebook ads Course #46(0)
  47. How to Create Custom Conversions in Facebook Ads  Facebook Ads Course #42(0)
  48. How to Create Facebook Business Manager   Latest Facebook Ads Course  #3(0)
  49. How to Create Image Creatives in Facebook Ads for Better Reach  Facebook Ads Course  #58(0)
  50. How to Create Reports in Facebook Ads  FB Ads Reporting Tool  FB Ads Course  #91(0)
  51. How to Create Store Traffic Ads [Step by Step]  Facebook Ads Course  #61(0)
  52. How to Customize Catalogue Ads  Facebook Ads Course  #71(0)
  53. How to do Detailed Audience Targeting in FB Ads  Audience Targeting in FB Ads  #25(0)
  54. How to do Facebook Ads Spying & Research  Facebook Ads Course  #66(0)
  55. How to Find Hidden Facebook Audience  Facebook Audience Hacks  FB Ads Course #29(0)
  56. How to Generate Leads from Facebook  Facebook Lead Generation System  Umar Tazkeer  #5(0)
  57. How to optimize Product Feed [Important Points]  Facebook Ads Course #72(0)
  58. How to Prepare for iOS 14+ Updates  Facebook Ads iOS 14 Update  FB Ads Course  #84(0)
  59. How to Remove Facebook Pixel from Ad Account  Delete Pixel from Account  FB ads Course  #81(0)
  60. How to run Catalogue Sales Campaigns Effectively  Facebook Ads Course #70(0)
  61. How to run Conversion Campaign (Step by Step)  Facebook Ads Course  #77(0)
  62. How to run Messages Campaigns in Facebook  Messenger ads Facebook  Facebook Ads Course #76(0)
  63. How to setup A B Testing in Facebook Ads   AB Test in Facebook Ads   FB Ads Course   %2385(0)
  64. How to Setup CBO in Facebook Ads  CBO advanced Strategies  Facebook Ads Course  #79(0)
  65. How to Verify Domain in Facebook [Step-by-Step Process ]  Facebook Ads Course  #57(0)
  66. How to write ad copy  AIDA model  AIDA copywriting  Facebook Ads Course #36(0)
  67. How to Write Facebook Ad Copy – Primary Text, Headlines & Desc.   FB Ad Copy  FB Ads Course #37(0)
  68. How to write Perfect Facebook Ads Copy  Facebook Ads Course #35(0)
  69. Ideas to Find more Interest Based Audience  Facebook Ads Course  #32(0)
  70. Importance of Facebook Campaign Objectives  Advance Video  Latest Facebook Ads Course #5(0)
  71. Important points related to Facebook Cold Audience  Facebook ads Course  #34(0)
  72. Instagram Basis Custom Audience Facebook Ads Course  #45(0)
  73. Instant Experience in Facebook Ads  How to Create Instant Experience  Facebook Ads Course  #56(0)
  74. Introduction to Facebook Ads Ecosystem  Latest Facebook Ads Course  #1(0)
  75. Inventory Filters in Facebook Ads  Excluding Content in Facebook Ads  Latest FB Ads Course #20(0)
  76. Learning Limited Status in FB ads  Learning Limited Solved  FB Ads Course  #88(0)
  77. Location Targeting in Facebook Ads  How to Set Locations in FB Ads  Latest FB Ads Course  #24(0)
  78. Narrow Audience in Facebook Ads  Perfect Audience Targeting  FB Ads Course  #27(0)
  79. New Audience Insights Tool  Audience Research using Insights tool  FB Ads Course  #28(0)
  80. Placements in Facebook Ads  Latest FB Ads Course #18(0)
  81. Problem of Audience Overlapping  How to Check Audience Overlapping  Facebook Ads Course  #49(0)
  82. Reduce the page Like Cost in Page Like Campaigns  Increase FB Page Like  FB Ads Course  #51(0)
  83. Scaling of Facebook Ads Campaigns – Horizontal & Vertical Methods  Facebook Ads Course  #60(0)
  84. Setup Facebook Purchase Event using GTM (Step by Step)  Facebook Ads Course  #65(0)
  85. Top Reasons Why Facebook Campaigns Fails  Facebook Ads Course #74(0)
  86. Understanding All types of Campaign Objectives in FB  Latest Facebook Ads Course #7(0)
  87. Update Related to Facebook  Detailed Targeting Audience – Dec 2021(0)
  88. Updates related to Detailed Targeting  Changes in Detailed Targeting  FB Ads Course  #89(0)
  89. UTM Parameters in Facebook Ads  Use UTM Parameters to Track Ads  Facebook Ads Course  #78(0)
  90. Verify your Facebook Business manager in 10 Mins  Facebook Business Manager Verification in Hindi(0)
  91. What are Catalogues in Facebook Ads & why we need them  Facebook Ads Course  #67(0)
  92. What are Offline Events in Facebook Ads & How to create Offline Events  Facebook Ads Course  #50(0)
  93. What is Campaign Strength Option in Facebook Ads  How to Use Campaign Strength  FB Ads Course(0)
  94. What is Fbclid in Facebook  Facebook Ads Course  #75(0)
  95. Why not to Boost Post  All Reasons Explained  Facebook ads Course  #80(0)
  96. Winning Creatives in Facebook Ads  How to Test Creatives in Facebook Ads  FB Ads Course #82(0)

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