HRM613 VU Video Lectures YouTube Playlist Download in Compress FileHRM613 VU Video Lectures YouTube Playlist Download in Compress File
Course CategoryManagement
Course LevelUndergraduate
Credit Hours3
InstructorDr. Muhammad Hafeez
The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Course Overview Introduction to Performance Management Impact of Performance Management System Reward systems Ideal PMS Integration of PMS with HRM PM process; Prerequisites & Performance Planning PM process; Performance Execution & Assessment PM process; Performance Review, Renewal and Re-contract Strategic Planning, Purposes of strategic planning Strategic Planning, Environmental Analysis Strategic Planning; revising Mission, Vision, Goals Performance Standards Performance and its determinants Performance dimensions and measurement Diagnosing the causes of poor performance Measuring performance against standards Measuring behaviors Measuring competencies Measuring behaviors; rating scales Appraisal forms Evaluation of Appraisal Forms Performance Information Sources Rating issues Preparations of PMS; Communication plan Preparations of PMS; Appeals process in PMS Preparations of PMS; Training Programs Preparations of PMS; Training Programs & Pilot Testing Personal Development Plans 360 Degree Feedback System Coaching Styles and Processes Dynamics and purposes of feedback Performance Review meetings Pay plans Pay structures Laws affecting performance management Team performance Team performance in PMS Rewarding Team performance Performance management software Performance Management System; a quick overview

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