MCD401 VU Video Lectures YouTube Playlist in Compress File DownloadMCD401 VU Video Lectures YouTube Playlist in Compress File Download

Principles of Photography History of Photography History of Photography; Pinhole Camera History of Photography TLR & SLR History of Photography Big Gun History of Photography; Digital Camera Camera film loading UV filters Camera handling Camera lens lens aberrations lenses lens speed Aperture Shutter speed Depth of field Exposure Speed Exposure meter & Grey card Types of Light Metering Sunny Rule f/16 Filters Filter Factor Filters Color Photography photography-an art or science Things to remember -Photography Pinhole Photography Rule of Thirds Factors of photography Lighting for photography-Hard or Soft light Lighting for Photography-Studio Lights Lighting for Photography-Transmitted light & Reflected Light Photography on Film Dark room Printing and Enlarging Flash Photography Comparative Imaging Photographic Lab-Photoshop Digital Imaging Device Digital Imaging Files Videography-Historical Background Motion Pictures- Historical Background Film Reel Film Projection STILL CAMERA MECHANISM Film Camera Mechanism Film Exposure Shutter Camera and Claw Early Cameras Film Speed The Film People-Producers & Directors The Film People-Director of photography Director of Photography-Job Description Production Stages Recce or Scouting Preparing for Shoot Film making 01 Filmmaking 02 Motion Picture Camera Equipment Technology Camera Lens Mechanism Lens Factor Types of Lenses Characteristic of lenses Camera Lens Resolution & Contrast Film Laboratory Film Stock Film Camera Demonstration Film Editing Film Production Overview 35 mm Camera-Recorder and Projector 35 mm Film Grain 35mm Film printing Film & Video Conversion Exposure Meter Types of light meters 18% Grey card Lighting Ratio Camera Filters Camera Filter & Colour Teperature Camera Filter Effect Aspect Ratio Depth of Field & Depth of Focus Rule of Thirds II The Video Camera The Video Camera- the Comparison Studio Camera Practices of Photography 5 C’s of Cinematography- Camera Angle 5 C’s of Cinematography- Continuity 5 C’s of Cinematography- Cutting 5 C’s of Cinematography- Close ups 5 C’s of Cinematography- Composition & Compliment Camera Angles Camera Movements Camera Shots White Balance Concept & Principles of Steadicam Mock Steadicam Practices Storyboarding for Camera Director’s Camera Zoom Lens & its impact TV Production Overview TV Production- Dailies & Previews TV Production- Sequence of Editing TV Production-180 Degree Rule

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