MCD503 VU Video Lectures Full YouTube Playlist in Compress File DownloadMCD503 VU Video Lectures Full YouTube Playlist in Compress File Download

Course CategoryMass Communication
Course LevelUndergraduate
Credit Hours3
InstructorSarwar Munir Rao
1 Introduction to News Profession 2 News Processing and Management 3 Functional Aspects of News Room 4 Functional Aspects of Newsroom (Main Desk) 5 Functional Aspects of News room (International Desk) 6 Functional Aspects of News room (Sports Desk) 7 Functional Aspects of Newsroom (Weather Desk) 8 Functional Aspects of News room (Business Desk) 9 Functional Aspects of News Room (News room and Monitoring) 10 Reporter 11 Nomenclature and Responsibilities of Reporters 12 Costume of a Reporter 13 Piece to Camera Reporting 14 Early News Presentation 15 Contemporary News Presentation 16 News Presentation (activities behind the scene) 17 Good News Presentation 18 News Bulletin Preparation 19 Assignment Editor 20 Input Editor 21 Output Editor 22 Film Order 23 Visuals Selection and Arrangement 24 Visual Editing Punctuation 25 Headline 26 Que 27 Catchy News Presentation 28 News Room Management 29 Newscaster’s Expression 30 News Rehearsal 31 Teasers 32 News Bulletin Style 33 Newsreader, Newscaster and Newsanchor 34 Qualities of News Anchor 35 Pre-requisites and Qualities of Newws Anchor 36 News, Current Affairs and Infotainment 37 Current Affairs 38 Field Oriented: Current Affair Programs 39 Indoor Current Affair Programs 40 Evaluation of Current Affair Programs: 41 Current Affair Producer 42 Making Q sheet for Telecast 43 Kinds of Current Affair Programs 44 Headlines 45 Breaking News, New updates news Flesh and Ticker 46 News Sense 47 Economy of Words 48 News Anchor-1 49 News Anchor-2 50 Body language and on camera reporting-1 51 Body Language and on Camera Reporting-2 52 Body Language and on Camera Reporting-3 53 Body Language and on Camera Reporting-4 54 News and Current Affairs Package-1 55 News Current Affair package-2 56 News Current Affair package-3 57 Conflict zone reporting-1 58 Conflict Zone Reporting-2 59 News 60 War Zone Reporting and Fixer 61 Live Reporting from Conflict Zone and Security Tips 62 Media Ethics 63 Principal of Media Ethics 64 Ethics for Electronic Media 65 Making of Current Affair program-1 66 Making of Current Affair program-2 67 Making of Current Affair programs-3 68 News Story Making-1 69 News Story Making 70 News Story Making and Terminology 71 History of PTV -1 72 PTV in 1965 War 73 PTV News History-2 74 News Casting in Past 75 Video Editing 1 76 Video Editing 2 77 Script Editing and Video Editing 78 Satellite in Broadcasting 79 Working of Satellite and Earth Station 80 Evolution of Satellite 81 Documentary Film 82 History and Evolution of Documentary Film 83 Television Studio 84 Television Studio and Responsibilities of Producer 85 Guidelines for Television Producer 86 Television Terminology; Overview 87 Television Terminology; Camera Shots and Movements 88 Television Terminology; Sound and Music 89 Television Terminology; Light and Floor Manager 90 Computer Graphics 1 91 Computer Graphics 2 92 Chroma Key 93 Background Narration and Commentary 94 Computer Assisted Reporting 95 Pre-requisites of a TV Job

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