MGT621 VU Video Lectures YouTube Playlist in Compress File DownloadMGT621 VU Video Lectures YouTube Playlist in Compress File Download
Course CategoryManagement
Course LevelUndergraduate
Credit Hours3
InstructorRehan Aziz Khan Sherwani
S. No. Lesson 1 Introduction, 2 Kinds of Justice, 3 Court System of Pakistan, 4 Sources of Law & Delegated Legislation in Pakistan, 5 Interpretation of Statutory Law, 6 State’s Primary & Secondary Functions, 7 Definition of Constitution & Nature & Scope of Administrative Law, 8 Distinction between Administrative Law & Constitutional Law, 9 Rule of Law, 10 Rule of Natural Justice, 11 Administrative Adjudication, 12 Delegated legislation, 13 Controls & Safeguards as Regard Delegated Legislation, 14 Separation of Power, 15 Distinction between Administrative Functions, 16 Public Interest Litigation, 17 Introduction to Constitution, 18 Fundamental Right: Right to Life & Liberty, 19 Fundamental Right: Safeguards as to Arrest & Detention, 20 Fundamental Rights: Protection Against Double Punishment, 21 Fundamental Rights: Protection Against Self Incrimination, 22 Fundamental Right: Inviolability of Dignity of Man, 23 Fundamental Right: Inviolability of Dignity of Man and Privacy of Home, 24 Fundamental Rights: (1) Freedom of Movement etc. (2) Freedom of Assembly, 25 Fundamental Right: Freedom of Association, 26 Fundamental Right: (1) Freedom of Trade, Business or Profession (2) Safeguards Against Taxation for the Purposes of any Particular Religion, 27 Fundamental Right: Freedom of Speech, Expression and Press, 28 Fundamental Rights: (1) Freedom to Profess Religion & to Manage Religious Institutions (2) Safeguard as to educational institutions in respect of religion etc. (3) Right to acquire and dispose of property, 29 Fundamental Rights: (1) Protection of Property Rights (2) Non-Discrimination in Respect of Access to Public Places (3) Safeguard Against Discrimination in Services (4) Preservation of Language, Script & Culture, 30 Fundamental Rights: Equality of Citizens, 31 Administrative Tribunal, 32 Administrative Tribunal and Rules of Evidence & Procedure, 33 Judicial & Alternative Remedies against Administrative Action, 34 Kinds of Writ, 35 Judicial Review, 36 Ombudsman, 37 Definitions of Administrative Law, 38 Administrative Justice, 39 Administrative Process: Rule/Policy making, 40 Legislative Supremacy, 41 Non-Judicial Review; Non Adjudicative Control, 42 Tort Liability of Public Authority, 43 What is Negligence?, 44 The ‘But for’ test, 45 Defenses to Negligence.

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