MKT625 VU Video Lectures in Compress File DownloadMKT625 VU Video Lectures in Compress File Download
Course CategoryMarketing
Course LevelUndergraduate
Credit Hours3
Pre-requisitesMGT301, MKT501, MKT530
InstructorWaseem Ahsan
MBA(Marketing); MBA(Information Systems Technology)
Punjab University Lahore; The George Washington University Washington D.C.
This course will cover the following content; 1 Introduction 2 The importance of the services sector and types of services 3 Marketing approaches and characteristics of services 4 Classification of services & Benefits of classification 5 Marketing mix of services 6 The provider gap– its levels & the customer gaps 7 The purchase process of services & The model of consumer expectations 8 Zone of tolerance & Maslow’s hierarchy in a marketing perspective 9 Consumer expectations, Satisfaction and quality, Dimensions of quality & Quality dimensions and the themes 10 Objectives of research 11 Criteria for effective research & Elements in effective research 12 Performance, gap scores, and competition charts 13 Research for upward communication & Relationship marketing 14 Benefits of relationship marketing & Relationship strategies, 15 Recovery strategies 16 Service guarantees & Gap 2 17 The new service development 18 Planning process, Front-end planning 19 Considerations for a complete blueprint 20 Establishing an operational position, Job design 21 Service standards, Values & value system 22 Importance of physical evidence (PE) 23 Physical evidence strategy & Closing gap 3,Closing gap 3–People/Employees, Strategies for managing people…cont’d & Distribution… 24 Distribution & Distribution management & Managing supply and demand , Demand management strategies 25 Service Communication 26 Managing promises & expectations 27 Improve customer education 28 Role of pricing, The basis of demand-based pricing 29 The recap

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