MTH622 VU Video Lectures YouTube Playlist Compress File DownloadMTH622 VU Video Lectures YouTube Playlist Compress File Download
Course CategoryMathematics
Course LevelUndergraduate
Credit Hours3
InstructorDr. Qasim Ali Chaudhry
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Introduction Scalar and vector fields Gradient Divergence Curl Line Integral Surface Inetgral Volume Integral Divergence Theorem Stokes Theorem Greens theorem Introduction to Classical Mechanics Curvature and radius of curvature Inertial reference system and inertial frame Newton’s laws Introduction to energy : Kinetic energy Conservative force field Non-conservative Force field ntroduction to simple harmonic motion and Oscillator Introduction to damped harmonic oscillator Kinematics of a system of particles(space, time & matter) The concept of Rectilinear motion of particles Uniform rectilinear motion, uniformly accelerated rectilinear motion Introduction to Projectile, motion of a projectile Introduction to torque Introduction to Rigid Bodies and Elastic Bodies Centre of Mass, Motion of the Center of Mass Introduction to the Dynamics of a System of Particles Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum Kinetic Energy of a System about Principal Axes Ellipsoid of Inertia Rotational Kinetic Energy General Motion of a Rigid Body

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