Course CategoryManagement
Course LevelUndergraduate
Credit Hours3
InstructorMaryam Ahmad
MS in Public Policy
University of Management & Technology (UMT)
1.Introduction 2.Components of Governance 3.Elements of Democracy 4.Basic Features of Society 5.Historical Emergence of Governance 6.Reasons of Emergence of Governance in Developing World 7.Types of Governance 8.Indicators of Governance 9.Different Perspectives of Governance 10.Globalization and Governance 11.Problems of Multilevel Governance 12.Good Governance 13.Democracy and Good Governance 14.Democracy 15.Elements of Democracy 16.Types of Democracy 17.Values of Democracy 18.Limits Democracy 19.Democratic Governance 20.Pillars of Democratic Governance 21.Actors of Democratic Governance 22.Governance and Government 23.Citizen 24.Citizen, Democracy and Governance 25.Governance in Pakistan 26.Crisis of Governance in Pakistan 27.Indicators of Governance in Pakistan 28.Democracy in Pakistan 29.Causes of Bad Governance in Pakistan 30.Civil Society and Political Society 31.Benefits of Civil Society for Democracy 32.Causes of Immature Democracy in Pakistan 33.Ethnicity in Pakistan 34.Transparency 35.Transparency and Values of Quality Democracy 36.Media and its Types 37.Media and Democracy 38.Media and Democracy in Pakistan 39.Poverty and Governance 40.Economic Governance in Pakistan 41.Human Security 42.Governance, Democracy and Human Security 43.Human Rights 44.Human Rights, Democracy and Governance 45.Human Rights in Pakistan

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