STA10 VU Video Lectures Download in Compress FileSTA10 VU Video Lectures Download in Compress File

Course Contents

Course CategoryMathematics
Course LevelUndergraduate
Credit Hours3
Sets and Numbering Systems-
1 Sets and Numbering Systems
2 Sets and Numbering Systems
3 Function and Quadratics
1 Function and Quadratics
2 Function and Quadratics
3 Function and Quadratics
4 Matrices and Determinants
1 Matrices and Determinants
2 Sequence and Series
1 Sequence and Series
2 Sequence and Series
3 Permutations Combinations Binomial Theorem Coordinate Geometry
1 Coordinate Geometry
2 Coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry Trigonometry
1 Trigonometry
2 Trigonometry
3 Trigonometry
4 Definition of Statistics Data collection Types of Data Types of frequency Curves Introduction to Measures of Central Tendency Geometric mean, Harmonic mean & relationship between them Measures of Dispersion Mean Deviation, Standard Deviation and Variance & Coefficient of variation Box and Whisker Plot Simple Linear Regression Basic Probability Theory Definitions of Probability Normal Distribution Sampling Distribution ,Central Limit Theorem Sampling Distributions Confidence Interval Hypothesis Testing Regarding p1-p2 & The Student’s t-distribution Tests and Confidence Intervals based on the t-distribution Hypothesis-Testing regarding Two Population Means & The Chi-square Distribution The F-Distribution & Hypothesis Testing and Interval Estimation Analysis of Variance & Experimental Design Randomized Complete Block Design ,(LSD) Test & Chi-Square Test of Goodness of Fit Chi-Square Test, p-value

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